We are so excited to introduce the Feel Good Bag to you! This bag has helped us and many others to “feel good”. It makes us so happy that we are now finally able to share this gift with you as well.

In our journey towards spiritual growth we are constantly aware of how many people are searching for and interested in “tangibles that make them feel good”. The Feel Good Bag makes a perfect gift for yourself and someone you care about.

Please take time to review the stories and testimonials of peoples’ lives including my own that have been transformed and enhanced by the Feel Good Bag and the positive reinforcement it can bring to our lives.

The Feel Good Bag is a plush purple velvet bag with Light Purple embroidery on the face, as well as the drawstring.

The Feel Good Bag Stones are 10 pure Zinc- Alloy cast metal stones with special positive messages carefully engraved on each.

The Feel Good Bag on the TODAY SHOW with Kathie Lee and Hoda!

The Feel Good Bag was the realization and dream of Ashley Bennett with the help of Shannon and the changes it brought made and impact in both their lives.


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  • I asked my grouchy husband if he would like for me to pull a stone from the Feel Good Bag for him; he agreed. I pulled out “God has a wonderful PLAN for you”. This is exactly what he needed to hear. It couldn’t have been more perfect. It always is!–June Wabash,WI

  • Ashley, you changed my life! I got the Feel Good Bag and have been using it to change my belief system and in the space of 6 months my life turned completely around..or at least my perception of it did and it is GREAT!–Cyndi Speaker,CA

  • I want you to know, everyone one to know that the FEEL GOOD BAG WORKS! I was depressed for years and got off medication with the help of my doctor and one of the biggest tools was my Feel Good Bag…it is awesome…thanks Ashley!–Fred Garvin IV, Miami