Ashley Nairn Bennett


My name is Ashley, and in the year 2002, I began this journey of Feeling Good. I had been pretty miserable for a long time. My self-esteem was very low, I was at the end of my rope. One day, my friend Shannon asked me to write down all of the things I wished I had heard more when I was young. When I started looking at these words, I realized that they were helping me to feel better than I had felt in years.

As I shared this tool of recovery with others that were going through hard times, the results were amazing! I was starting to see how this idea was having a huge impact on others as well. I knew we had to share this with the world immediately. As my self- esteem grew, so did my confidence in this Feel Good Bag project. I believed that nothing would stop me from making this dream a reality. Shannon and I became partners in this journey together and continue to give each other the necessary motivation and inspiration along the way.

My own personal Feel Good Bag has grown so much as I continue to add new messages that make me Feel Good. It is our hope and intention to help as many people as we can to change their perceptions about themselves and learn to Feel Good – starting NOW!


Lets get started…