The Feel Good Bag is embroidered on the front with the Feel Good Bag logo and is made of velvety soft,plush purple cloth inside and out and feels very warm and comfortable as you either hold it or are reaching in for a stone. Just holding the bag will make you FEEL GOOD!

There is also a small booklet attached with additional information about the Feel Good Bag and directions on how to use it most effectively. Each Feel Good Bag is filled with 10 pure Zinc- Alloy cast metal stones with special positive messages carefully engraved on each one. The stones are soft to the touch and feel very strong and powerful in your hands


Stones for every Purpose

The Feel Good Bag stones (runes) have been used in a variety of ways, read the Testimonials page to learn more.


Ashley Bennett

The Feel Good Bag was the realization and dream of Ashley Bennett with the help of Shannon and the changes it brought made and impact in both their lives.

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